In the same way that Aerial videography complements our filmmaking, photography can complement our projects.

Often a project will require a substantial stills photography component in order to provide a range of useful assets for a campaign. We believe video and photography go hand in hand, and so we only use photographers with filmmaking experience who integrate their workflow into the process – we’re able to work as one unit with a shared creative goal rather than competing teams, as can often be the case. It also reduces our crew’s footprint on location.

And just as with our video content, the stills photography will require a style in keeping with a brand or company. We work closely with our clients prior to any shoots to determine that style, whether existing or new, and to shoot to that brief.

And then in post production we’ll work together to create or match a desired look or style. It might be creating a bold ultra-real effect to put a unique style across the delivery, or simply making small adjustments to colour/exposure to ensure consistency throughout the project.

Our photography projects fall into a number of different categories:
  • Documentary projects – a collection of images that in themselves tell a story; have a narrative. It could be the story of a person, a team, a process, a building, a site or even the company as a whole.
  • Portfolio images and portraiture – Images which show off the best a company has to offer; buildings, facilities, structures and people at their best and most impressive.
  • Process photography – specific manufacturing processes, product development, R&D, technology.
  • Publicity Stills – contributors in the videos we are filming, to be used for publicity or social media surrounding the release of the video. Also includes behind the scenes photography of the production.
  • Aerial Photography – high quality aerial still of sites and buildings. As a licensed drone owner and operator we can capture stunning aerial imagery as part of your project.
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