Documentary Filmmaking


Documentary Filmmaking

The Village founders have more than thirty years of documentary storytelling experience for TV channels in the UK and USA, including two BAFTA’s for Factual Television. And with that background comes access to an extensive network of connections, including some of the best documentary filmmakers in the world.

It’s this experience, and an understanding of the importance of documentary as an impactful storytelling tool, and one that can be directly useful in business, that makes us different.

We think that telling corporate stories through the eyes of the people involved humanises a story. Be it a product launch, a new technological discovery, the opening of a new facility, a CSR project making a huge difference to a community, or even simply a proud health and safety record, putting a human face on the story through documentary filmmaking makes it something everyone can relate to.

We believe that every company has a huge number of fascinating stories within it, because companies are made up of people, and people are inherently interesting.

What excites us, and excites audiences, is seeing passionate people and understanding where this passion comes from, why they do what they do, the difference it makes, the people it helps.

It’s easy for consumers to forget that even the largest organisations are collections of individuals with their own stories to tell. And we’re forever amazed at the levels of passion we find within these organisations from the boardroom down to the factory floor.

The Village specialises in identifying interesting stories and working with people and companies to put those stories on screen.

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